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About Bob Wallace

Bob Wallace - Technician and Owner
I have been doing electronics repair work since I was in high school. I started repairing radios and TV sets in the early fifties. I received my education from DeForest Training, later DeVry Technical School. I worked for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company for about 10 years and during that time my brother and I started a two-way radio sales and service business. We managed Wallace Communications for over 50 years until we sold the business and retired.

I became familiar with Plectron alerting receivers in the early Sixties and was appointed a dealer/service agency for Plectron. We sold Plectron receivers until the factory closed in the nineties and I still repair, recondition, and sell Plectron receivers today. The design of the Plectron alerting receivers was one incorporating great reliability which is why they are still performing well today. In fact nothing being manufactured today eclipses the basic performance of the Plectron solid state alerting receivers.