WallaceRadio, LLC.
Plectron Sales and Service


Q: Is there a guarantee on the service work you perform?
A: Yes, all repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty. Added options and conversions are warranted for a year. Reconditioned receivers are also warranted for year.

Q: What do you do for the $42.00 flat labor rate?
A: I repair any problem with the unit that is capable of being repaired, make any upgrades and engineering changes, and install any options requested by the customer. Parts, shipping, and insurance are additional charges.

Q: What do you charge for estimates on PLECTRONS shipped to you?
A: I do NOT charge for estimates. If the customer does not elect to repair the unit and wants it returned, there are only the shipping charges to return it.

Q: What will it cost to convert my PLECTRON to a new frequency and tones?
A: Contact me for a price. I will need to know the serial number, the current frequency, the new frequency, the current tone(s) and the new tones. The current information including the serial number is usually on the label on the back of the PLECTRON.

Q: Can a low band PLECTRON be converted to VHF high band?
A: I can convert low band to high band. On most P1, P-500, and P-700 the price is $95.00 which includes all parts and labor.

Q: Are replacement AC power cords available for PLECTRON receivers?
A: I cannot purchase new AC cords for PLECTRONS. Some good condition used cords are available. These are the four pin connector cords that have one pin larger than the other three. I can install new permanent AC cords on all PLECTRON models.

Q: Is PLECTRON still in business?
A: No, PLECTRON was sold and closed several years ago. I am, however, able to repair all of the transistorized PLECTRON receivers except R-900 and pagers. I no longer service PLECTRON encoders or tube type PLECTRON Receivers. Zetron manufactures a good replacement for the PLECTRON encoders.

Q: Do you have used PLECTRONS for sale?
A: I have fully reconditioned PLECTRONS of most models available. These PLECTRONS have all factory modifications and engineering changes and are supplied on the channel and tones you specify (year warranty included). See the RECONDITIONED receivers page for full information and pricing.

Q: Do the reconditioned PLECTRONS have a relay output available?
A: Yes, the RSO option is available to start a siren, ring a bell, turn on lights and etc. See the options available for reconditioned PLECTRONS.

Q: My Fire Department is changing to a different frequency. Can I buy a crystal and install it in my PLECTRON?
A: No, the receiver requires alignment. My flat rate labor fee ($42.00) includes alignment. If you have a quantity of PLECTRONS that require a frequency change, please contact me for a quotation.

Q: My PLECTRON had an alert flasher lamp and a telescoping antenna. They are both broken. Can you repair them?
A: Yes, I convert the alert flasher to a flashing LED for long life. I have a new style telescoping antenna assembly that will not break like the original antennas.

Q: Do you sell parts for repair of PLECTRONS?
A: No, my parts supply is used to support my service. The exceptions are antennas (not telescoping type), and the UL style power cords and power supplies for the 8000 series.

Q: How long have you been associated with PLECTRON products?
A: I became a PLECTRON dealer and service agency in 1961 and I am still selling and servicing PLECTRONS today.

Q: My Fire Department has converted from low band to the UHF (420-512 MHz.) radio band. Can my PLECTRON be converted to this new UHF band?
A: I do have a conversion to convert a low band PLECTRON to the UHF band. The cost for the conversion complete and warranted for one year is $195.00. If the tones are different on the UHF frequency than what they were on low band (usually they don’t change) there may be additional charges for the tone change. Contact me with the information and I will be pleased to quote an exact price.

Q: My Fire Department is currently on VHF high-band but we are changing to one of the new VHF split channels. Can the PLECTRONS be converted to the new frequency and will they work properly.
A: I have converted a lot of PLECTRONS to the split channels and they work just fine. If interference should ever be a problem I have receiver filters available. Full Narrow Band Receiver conversion with filters is $40.00.

Q: Some PLECTRONS had an internal audible alarm that sounded at high volume when the PLECTRON was alerted. Is that option available for my PLECTRON or one of your reconditioned PLECTRONS?
A: Yes, the option is available and has been updated to provide a 3 second alarm of a choice of four sounds (not user selectable). Available sounds are: Steady tone, Beep-beep, Hi-low, or rapid siren (yelp). The option price is $25.00 for a reconditioned PLECTRON or a unit being repaired.

Q: The pilot light burns out rather quickly in my PLECTRON. Do you have a solution to that problem?
A: I have an LED pilot light conversion for the PLECTRONS that used a regular pilot lamp or neon pilot lamp. The LED pilot has an extremely long life and has no heat associated with the operation. It is $6.00 option that can be installed when the unit is being repaired. All of our reconditioned units use the LED pilot lamp.

Q: I have an old tube type PLECTRON. Can you repair it?
A: Sorry, I no longer repair tube type Plectrons receivers.